Jump I.T. Solution Line

Jump I.T. has several key solution/service areas that we’ve cut our teeth on. We’re focused on building our capabilities, skills and knowledge in these core areas.

Whether you think of a network as a series of services such as E-mail, Fileservers and other client/server applications, or as a collection of blue cables, switches and routers, the JumpIT team is well equipped to analyze, recommend and implement your network strategy. We’ve worked with clients on everything from two computer AppleShare networks to TeraByte scale central server datacentres. We will identify existing and potential bottlenecks and recommend the most cost effective steps to improve throughput and ensure data integrity.
Whether you are planning a new network or upgrading an existing installation, the JumpIT team can provide invaluable assistance with:

  • Server selection and file sharing software
  • workflow
  • rips and print queues
  • selecting the best switches, routers, uninterruptible power supplies etc.
  • backup and archive equipment and procedures
  • storage
  • cabling, termination, and wall jacks.

In a nutshell, JumpIT can look after everything required for a successful network installation.

Our core solution areas are:

  • Support Services– Our fully trained and certified staff can be on call for you via phone, in person, or by remote assistance.
  • Hosted Services– We offer Cloud Services, Servers, Email & Application Hosting, and Digital Asset Management.
  • Software Development– Let us assess, design and then implement your custom software solutions.
  • Managed I.T. Solutions – Management of information and infrastructure. We will consult with you as well as handle the procurement and deployment of the products/services you may need.